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No matter which website platform you chose (WordPress, Squarespace, Wix), it does not come optimized for search engines out of the box. Hours and hours of work and expertise are needed to make that connection and keep the information flowing back and forth between your website and each search engine. It’s like purchasing a bike, sure, you own it, but it’s in a box. Without connecting the frame to the tires and adding some brakes, it’s not very functional. Your website works the same way. Sure, it’s there, it’s on the internet, it’s beautiful, but if it can’t be found, what’s the point? Our Starting Blocks package puts your very complicated bike together and makes it functional and generating revenue.

If you’ve been overwhelmed with SEO and not even sure where to start, this was built for you. We handle every single aspect of setting your website up for SEO success right from the start. We’ll make sure that your website is fully-optimized with the necessary SEO information specific to your business. Want to be found when someone searches newborn photographer in San Francisco? Want to be the first result when someone searches for kitten boudoir in Portland, we got it. We’ll also make sure that every single search engine is crawling your website so that you get ranked, searched for, and hired faster and more often than your competition.