• Social Media Perfection

    Photoshop Actions

Let’s not beat around the bush, getting a properly uploaded photograph on Facebook (and other social networks) is a pain in the ass. It seems like every few days they’re changing up the image algorithm and suddenly your perfect export settings make your beautiful creative imagery look like Cookie Monster’s vomit after an all-night cookie bender. If you’re reading this, you already know, Hostographer is all about solving problems. We’ve released the perfect Photoshop Action for perfectly optimizing and saving your images so they’re absolutely ideal for social media usage.

Sure, Facebook is the big offender, but as a bonus, we’ve also included an Action for Instagram and the perfect settings for physical prints. Basically, this Photoshop Action will make you a social media god. Fine, maybe not a god, but it’ll certainly save you a few headaches per week. That’s worth your $5er, right?


  • Easy to use. The action walks you through the whole process.
  • Free Updates for life. Every time Facebook or Instagram updates, we’ll send you an email with your updated Photoshop Action.


  1. Download the file from our website.
  2. Open Photoshop.
  3. Double click the Photoshop Action file to install the Action.
  4. Edit your image. When finished run the correct Action for your social media network of choice. Wait for the completion prompt.
  5. If needed, click the second Action to save the file with the proper settings.


Mac or PC

Creative Cloud (CC)
Photoshop CS2-CS6