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“This image was a from the end of a post-wedding bridal session. I have used smoke quite a bit the past few years and wanted to take it up a notch. I explicitly did not want her to be holding one smoke grenade and just twirling it around with no rhyme or reason. I also did not want there to just be one smoke grenade just doing its thing in the background. Once I looked through Tamra’s inventory (she does furniture rentals) I saw the lanterns. GOLD! I asked if she would be okay with putting smoke grenades in the lanterns and letting the smoke fill the background while she walks whimsically towards the camera and she was very excited to do exactly that. We fully intended on using open lanterns for the smoke effect knowing it would likely stain the dress. This is not normally a concern of mine since the smoke effect does not normally have a risk of spraying directly onto my subject’s clothing. Well, this time it did. Naturally, this is a conversation you need to have with your client and you should probably not do something this risky on the day of a wedding. The green was selected for no particular reason but I think it works well for the environment. I am totally happy with the way the green contrasts against her dress.

In terms of equipment, I used my trusty Canon 5D MK IV paired with a Sigma 50mm 1.4 Art. I used natural light and shot at 1/250 f/2.5 at ISO 100. In post, I exclusively used Adobe Lightroom. I applied my own custom preset and adjusted my white balance to where I wanted it. I also added a graduated filter from the top right of the frame spanning down to the bottom left of the frame. This graduated filter dropped a bit of the exposure as well as added some much-needed dehazing to that area of the frame.

I am very pleased with the results and I am very thankful I am able to work with such amazing clients.”

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