Hostographer has closed effective 5.01.2018.

Hosting Clients
You should have received multiple emails and we posted multiple messages in our Facebook Community with instructions how to proceed and move your site elsewhere for the last 3 months. Any automatic payments that weren’t canceled by you will automatically be refunded the moment we receive them.

SEO Clients
Your service will continue as usual just under new branding. This will not affect you in the least besides a new name at the top of the invoices.

Ultimately, it was too hard to compete with the larger hosting websites in price due to the nature of them being able to buy storage and bandwidth in bulk. The biggest reason, I want to concentrate on my SEO services and streamline my offerings so I can maintain a more healthy life/work balance. Hosting was taking up 75% of my time while generating 10% of my revenue. It just wasn’t worth it anymore. For businesses to survive, they must evolve. Hosting had a good run and I’m proud of it but it just wasn’t worth it anymore.

I will be rebranding my business (specifically) SEO offerings in the near future. The name Hostographer really doesn’t make much sense anymore since we don’t offer hosting.

Thanks to everyone who came along for the ride.